Ghana Make A Difference

We’ve had a few tough and very challenging days with far from ideal equipment and treatment space (I admittedly thought of several swear words throughout the first few days in the clinic here), but we finally hit our stride.

Today was by far our most productive day. We saw lots of patients at the orphanage today. We extracted around a dozen teeth, did some fillings and lots of exams and cleanings. Did some periodontal therapy and lots of oral hygiene training to help our new Ghana friends use allll the toothbrushes, toothpaste and 1,200+ yards of dental floss we brought out to leave with them. Most don’t even know what floss is here. We had a little fun with the man who is 2nd in command here at the orphanage named Kofi, and share this with his permission. He came in with a chipped front tooth that he was hoping we could fix. Not only did we fix it, making it look beautiful, we did a little extra surprise cosmetic dentistry to the tooth next to it. When we tipped the chair up to show him the “final results”, this was his reaction.

It was simply a non bonded piece of sculpted resin that we easily flecked off after the tears of laughter subsided. We are working very hard out here, yet having fun at the same time. Our family is really growing to love these people here in Ghana. #ghanamakeadifference


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