Grandma Clark's Recipe of the Week

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    Grandma Clark's
    Recipe of the Week

    My Grandma Clark was a gourmet cook. Back in 1999 just prior to her passing, my wife Jannie and I visited her. My Grandpa slipped us an old shoe box, packed full of her treasured recipes collected over her lifetime. Jannie and I spent the next 3 years creating a huge 357 page recipe book in her honor. There are now 535 books in print! I decided to share some recipes with you each week as "Grandma's Recipe of the Week".

    -Dr. Taylor Clark

    Bacon Quiche Lorraine

    (Swiss Cheese Pie)


    1 ½ c. pastry flour

    ½ t. salt

    ¼ lb. butter

    4 T. ice water

    1 c. grated Swiss cheese

    1 ½ dozen strips bacon

    4 eggs

    2 c. thick or thin cream

    1 pinch nutmeg

    1 pinch sugar

    ¾ t. salt

    1 big pinch cayenne black pepper


                Make a paste of the flour sifted with salt, the butter and the ice water, using just enough of the water to moisten and make the dough hold together.  Shape into smooth ball, handling as little as possible; wrap in waxed paper, and place in refrigerator ½ hour.  Then roll out thin on lightly floured board.  Line a large 10-inch pie pan with it, trim edges, roll under and crimp.  Prick surface with a fork and place in refrigerator while you prepare the filling.  (But first set your oven to 450 F. and preheat it).  Fry the bacon strips until crisp.  Don’t overcook.  Break into small bits.  Break eggs into a bowl and add to them the thick or thin cream, nutmeg, sugar, salt, cayenne and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.  Beat with rotary beater just long enough to mix thoroughly.  Now rub a little soft butter over the surface of the pastry and sprinkle the bacon over the bottom; sprinkle cheese over the bacon, and pour the egg mixture over all.  Place in hot oven and bake 10-15 minutes, then reduce heat to 325 F. and continue cooking until an inserted knife comes out clean, showing the custard has set (about 25-30 minutes).  If not a light golden brown on top, place under broiler for a second before serving piping hot.  Cut in pie shaped wedges.



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